Social Media Campaigns

Snapshot of some of the most successful social media campaigns that have been to top trending spots on Twitter, generated millions of customer engagements for brands via Facebook and other social channels.

Client: Various
Date: 2013-16
Services: Social Media Campaign

Twitter Campaign

Name Your Wi-Fi

A hugely successful promotion for Digisol, manufacturer of wi-fi routers and other networking products, that debuted in top 5 India trends on Twitter and continued to trend for 3 days.

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Creatives used for promoting the campaign #NameYourWiFi

Twitter analytics on Day 2 of the campaign

Facebook Campaign

Navratri festival

A consumer engagement campaign for a cooking oil brand Sunrich, that combines the festive spirit and food culture during the festival of Navratri, that is celebrated for 9 days.

Food is the highlight of every major festival in India and all the festivals are associated with particular cuisines. Primarily targeted at the households in southern states of India, the creative idea behind the campaign was to showcase the culture and celebration via food.

Popular visual motifs of the festival were created using the food ingredients which are essential to their cuisine, like various condiments, dry fruits, grains etc. Watch Behind the scenes videos to get an idea of how these colorful collages were put together.

The campaign yielded promising results with impressions close to 3.5 million and Sunrich reaching out to more than 5 lac people over the course of the campaign. 96% of all the engagement came from women – the primary target audience for Sunrich.


Behind the scenes : The making of Navratri campaign

Twitter Campaign

Lakshmi Tere Aangan Ki

A Twitter Contest created for Inorbit Malls in 2013 that went viral and became the topmost trend on Twitter for India. The campaign reached more than 8,00,000 Twitter users.


It went on to become so popular that since then it has had seasonal re-runs for 5 years in a row, from 2013 to 2017. It has since generated millions of engagements for Inorbit Malls over social media and the brand has benefited from thousands of new followers.

‘Lakshmi Tere Aangan Ki’ has become a social media property for Inorbit Malls and continues to be a successful customer engagement tool.